Pathway Church To You (PC2U) May

Is your family worshiping from home? We've got you!

We've launched Pathway To You (PC2U) Curriculum Boxes for Pathway kids/students, 2 years old through 5th grades! These awesome Kids Ministry boxes will give kids and students an opportunity to participate and grow together alongside their peers online! This program is designed specifically for families who have not yet returned to onsite worship and kid's Small Groups, or families who have joined us long distance via Online Worship. We want to be connected to your kids with the same curriculum, lessons, activities, and Large Group Worship that happens here on Sunday mornings!

What You Get:

The same things kids here onsite receive!

Worship Designed for your child.

Engaging Activities & Discussions

Connect with a Small Group Leader(SGL) via Zoom

Intrigued? Use this registration to order your first months boxes for your kiddos and you will receive instructions on when and how to pick them up from the church. If you are part of our growing online community who doesn't live in the area, we'll mail boxes to your kids!

If you have friends or family who you believe would like to participate in this program, please share this link with them!

For more information, please email Becky Prince, Director of Family Ministries, Becky@Pathway.Church

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We would love to be able to drop off boxes for everyone. Logistically it is just not possible. But getting your boxes is as easy as pulling up to Door #2, calling 817-295-5832 and asking them to bring your box/es out to your car. As always, if you are part of our growing online audience, we can mail boxes to you. 
*Box Pick UP:
For more than three children, please complete another registration.