Students Serving at Family Camp 2024

Please be sure to check the email address or phone number you listed in case we contact you.  Please reply to any messages sent to you.

We are unable to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have. Please feel free to bring your own food that meets the special dietary requirements you may have.
We are so excited to have you serve at Family Camp, Sunday July 21-24
*What grade were you in (2023-2024)(last year)
Do you currently serve on Sundays? If you do where do you serve?:
We need to know the days you CANNOT be here. If you can be here all 4 days, don't click anything.
*$15 is the cost of a T-SHIRT. If you want to purchase a T-shirt, let us know what size and we will send you a Square invoice. .
We need the email address of the person who will pay the T-shirt invoice. Your's, a parent's? You will not be able to pick up a Tshirt that hasn't been paid for.