PIC: Baptism & Dedication Classes

Please answer all questions as they are true at the time you register for this class. Different aged children require different things so all questions are designed to help us lead you in the right direction in your family's next steps.

Spouse's first/last name
Spouse's Cell number
*Which class are you registering for?

We love for parents to attend class together when possible. This way you are hearing the same "language".

If you have children in multiple age groups that you believe are ready to be baptized, choose the class appropriate for the youngest child. You are welcome to attend both classes, but we will make sure any questions you may still have after class are answered.
*Pick from the below options the date you are registering for:
February 25
April 28
June 30
August 18
September 29
October 27
November 4
*Are you and/or your spouse a member of Pathway Church? When your child is baptized here at Pathway Church, they will become a member. Depending on your child's age, we may require at least one parent to become a member alongside your child.
*Have you and/or your spouse been baptized? If not, and you are ready to be baptized, please let us know and we'll arrange for you to have any questions answered that you may have (instead of having to attend another class. Email me at Stephaniek@Pathway.Church)
*Please list names and ages of all kids you are considering for baptism or dedication(include you or your spouse if applicable)
*Were the persons you are desiring to be baptized, baptized as an infant?  Please list each person by name.